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Strikes, sit-ins swell in Sudan states

Port Sudan (File photo)
Port Sudan (File photo)

On Tuesday, the temporary workers of the Sea Ports Corporation carried out a comprehensive strike and closed the road in front of the corporation’s offices to demand the acceleration of the procedures for their permanent contracts.

Osman Tahir, the workers’ leader in the ports, told Radio Dabanga that the protestors decided on their protest action to the non-commitment of the administration to publish weekly lists with personnel on Tuesday, pointing out that last week the administration agreed to publish lists with 750 employees and workers per week to begin the recruitment process.

As reported by Radio Dabanga in April, the Sea Ports Corporation in Red Sea state announced a decision to appoint all temporary workers of the corporation into permanent service effective May 1.

White Nile

On Tuesday, the workers of the Kenana Sugar Company in White Nile state entered a strike and organised a sit-in in front of the military garrison in Kenana, to protest the injustice and corruption experienced by the company during the former regime.

The Kenana Workers’ Union submitted a memorandum to the commander of the military garrison containing demands for the elimination of injustice and corruption.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that hundreds of workers set up tents at the entrance of the garrison demanding the immediate implementation of the demands and conditioned disbanding the sit-in with the implementation of their demands.


In Kassala in eastern Sudan, members of the Alliance for Freedom and Change have called on all residents to participate in the sit-in in front of the command of the 41st Brigade in the town to call for the implementation of the demands of the revolution.

Haisam Eisa, one of the leaders of the Sudanese Professionals Association, the driving force behind the protests, told Radio Dabanga that “The governor of the state will respond to their memorandum of the call to implement the demands of the revolution within the next two days”.

He also pointed to the unprecedented deterioration in water and electricity services in the city, calling on the acting governor to expedite handling of the problems.

He explained that all the revolutionary activities in the sit-in are proceeding positively.

South Kordofan

Supporters of the AFC in Abu Jubeiha in South Kordofan have denied involvement in the events that led to the burning of the market and electricity in the town on Sunday.

In a statement on Tuesday, they accused “shadow battalions” of inciting violence to justify the intervention of security forces.

The statement said that the events do not reflect the aspirations of the people to complete the overthrow of the regime and dismantle its structures.

They called on the people to be committed to peacefulness and not to respond to the calls for violence.

Last week saw an open-ended strike of workers at government-owned SEEN Flour Company in the Red Sea state demanding better wages.

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