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‘SRF kill 14 Sudan government troops in blitz on Abu Karshola, South Kordofan’: Rebels

June 9 - 2013 ABU KARSHOLA

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) claims to have killed 14 government soldiers and captured five more, including an Officer.

Rebel spokesman Colonel Al Gadi Rumboy told Radio Dabanga from the field that the casualties fell and prisoners were taken in a blitz offensive on the town of Abu Karshola in South Kordofan on Sunday.

“The attack came in response to lies issued by the National Congress Party about the situation in Abu Karshola,” Col Rumboy said. “We took the city by surprise, killing the 14 soldiers, while capturing five, including Lieutenant Osman Babiker of the Republican Guard.”

As covered extensively by Radio Dabanga over recent weeks, Abu Karshola was the scene of fierce fighting between rebel and government forces during May. After holding the town for several weeks and repulsing a number of government assaults, the rebels made what they termed a “tactical withdrawal” from the town, while the government claimed to have “recaptured it”.

Since then, the rebels have launched several surprise attacks on the town “just to let the government know we are still around”.

Radio Dabanga was unable to independently verify these reports.

File photo: Rebel convoy


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