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South Kordofan girls raped at gunpoint

May 3 - 2019 ABU KERSHOLA
A woman farmer in South Kordofan (Wikipedia)
A woman farmer in South Kordofan (Wikipedia)

On Sunday, two girls were raped at gunpoint while they were at their farm in South Kordofan. One of the victims is a minor. The rape was allegedly perpetrated by four Popular Defence Force PDF soldiers. The victims are now undergoing medical treatment. A case was opened at Rashad police office, but no further investigation was held.

In a press statement, HUDO, a Sudanese NGO dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, reports that YHAB* is 15 years old and WHI* is 18 years old. The crime occurred at Elfaid Um Abdalla, a small town in Abu Kershola locality.

“On April 28 2019 four armed men of the Popular Defence Force (PDF) uniform riding camels attacked the two girls while they were with their grandmother at her farm in Elfaid Um Abdalla and ordered the two girls to undress at gun point. The girls refused to undress but two of the soldiers forced them and raped them while the other two kept pointing their guns on the grandmother.”

The HUDO statement says that the four men ran away after the incident. The grandmother took the two girls to the Elfaid Um Abdalla health centre and from there, they were referred to Rashad hospital where they are receiving medical treatment for the physical injuries they sustained. They are still traumatised psychologically.

The case was filed at Rashad police office and no further investigation has been conducted by police, yet the grandmother and the two victims have ensured that they can identify the attackers.

HUDO calls upon Police in South Kordofan state to carry out genuine investigations, to apprehend and present the suspects before courts of law.

*Names initialised to protect victims’ identities

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