South Darfur water shortage: displaced people face broken pumps

Displaced people in South Darfur’s camps still suffer from a scarcity of drinking water, along with a lack of fuel.

Displaced people in South Darfur's camps still suffer from a scarcity of drinking water after the breakdown of a number of water engines and pumps, along with a lack of fuel.

One of the sheikhs of the camps in Mershing locality explained their situation to Radio Dabanga. “Four months there has been a crisis in drinking water in the settlements for displaced people south of Mershing town. This is a result of the disruption of the water pumps.”

He added that the people fetch water from nearby wells and valleys now, and appealed to the authorities and humanitarian organisations to accelerate the repairs to the pumps.

The same problem occurs in camp Otash in Nyala locality. The displaced people have complained about the water shortage in the camp, as only one water engine out of six is operative in the camps. As an effect, water prices in the camps have risen.

In the past week, Radio Dabanga received reports of a drinking water shortage from displaced people living in El Salam camp, too.