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South Darfur Wali determined to dismantle Kalma camp

April 26 - 2018 NYALA
Adam El Faki, Wali of South Darfur (File photo)
Adam El Faki, Wali of South Darfur (File photo)

The Wali of South Darfur Adam El Faki has announced his determination to dismantle Kalma camp for displaced people, one of the largest camps in Darfur and evacuate the displaced within two weeks as part of Al Bashir's voluntary return plan and eliminate the camps in the region by the end of the year.

The governor said in a speech to a group of returnees to a village in South Darfur, we are going to dismantle camp Kalma within one or two weeks.

He added: “People have better leave the camp which we will empty within a week since voluntary return project is the president's plan.

He emphasised that by the end of the year 2018 there will be "no camps, food aid, relief, or organisations".

Governor El Faki ordered the arrest of seven of the leaders of the displaced people at camp Kalma headed by Yagoub Furi, the chair of the Darfur Displaced and Refugees Coordination, this as well as ordering the arrest of every person, even a minister or native administration leader objecting to the voluntary return to be transferred to Suakin in Red Sea State for objecting to the president’s project

The governor ordered the arrest of the seven people of camp Kalma standing against voluntary repatriation including Furi, Sheikh Osman Tarlin, youth leader Idris Darbanja and others.

He described the displaced peoples’ complaint to Unamid about lack of security, compensations and attacks said that the government gave as useless.

El Faki said we have prepared 300 cells in Suakin prison in Red Sea State to receive detainees from South Darfur, with an aeroplane waiting at the airport for everyone standing against voluntary return.

He instructed the commissioners and omdas to provide lists of persons wanted for opposing voluntary return to be detained.

Regarding the complaints of the returnees to their areas about loss of security, attacks and occupation of their lands by new settlers, the governor refused to receive any complaints or delegations from the returnees, except in the case of the killing of at least 10 people.

El Faki said return has a price as the government cannot protect any person driving cart to collect firewood.

He called on the returnees to be determined and strong.

El Faki said, “You have to remain strong and strong and resist and sit down because you Dyer settle down and Dyer look out of the camps.

He said: “A couple of days ago in the morning returnees from Marla area came to me in Nyala, complaining about someone who had his leg broken,  I asked them if they were reporting any death to which they answered no, I then told them not come unless they have  ten dead because the government cannot protect everybody.

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