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South Darfur tribal forum calls for Rule of Law

April 20 - 2017 BIELEL LOCALITY
Tribal elders in Darfur (File photo: Didier Ruef)
Tribal elders in Darfur (File photo: Didier Ruef)

The coordinating forum of social and native leaders for Bielel Locality in South Darfur have recommended the establishment of the prestige of the state and the rule of the Rule of Law, and that all tribal components in the locality take oath of non-aggression against others, and not to protect crime.

The forum has also called for granting the native administration officials judicial authorities to establish rural courts in the locality.

Yesterday the announcement of the recommendations coincided with the locality’s popular campaign to collect weapons.

Bielel Locality Commissioner, El Sunni Mohammed Imam, announced that they are ready to make the locality free of weapons, except for regular forces, especially after closing the page on their difference, moving towards peace and stability by local leaders and displaced people.

Voluntary return

Adam El Faki, the Governor of South Darfur, announced the voluntary return of the displaced from camp Otash and areas of Hijer, Kerali and Digdas to their villages of origin as result of security, peace, stability and tranquillity.

Speaking on Tuesday to the coordinating forum of social and native leaders for Bielel Locality, the Governor announced the return of more than 8,000 families from camps to their areas of origin

He also pointed to the decrease of friction between farmers and herders this year.

He confirmed the government's serious efforts to end all conflicts between herders and farmers, however, the displaced described the government’s allegations as “untrue and lie”. 

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