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South Darfur transfers school exams from unsafe Jebel Marra

February 27 - 2017 NYALA
East Jebel Marra: The school of Arbe village (RD)
East Jebel Marra: The school of Arbe village (RD)

The South Darfur Ministry of Education asked the state for support to transfer pupils from unsafe areas in Jebel Marra and relocate them to safe areas in Mershing locality so they can participate in the basic certification exams that start next week.

Mohammed Abdallah Hisham, the state Minister of Education, explained that his ministry is in a dire need of aid to bring the pupils from three areas in Jebel Marra to Mershing. He told reporters that pupils need to be moved from locations in southern Jebel Marra and in Kass locality, owing to security concerns.

The ministry usually transfers pupils from these areas to safely partake in examinations every year during the duration of the armed conflict in Darfur. The Jebel Marra Mountains span North, Central and South Darfur, and last year were the scene of clashes between government forces and a rebel faction, displacing tens of thousands of people.

Hisham confirmed the completion of all necessary arrangements for the start of the basic stage examinations. He expects more than 37,000 pupils in 198 centres in South Darfur will sit for the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) exams.

Last year, a lower success rate of basic school pupils was reported in South Darfur, reportedly because of an acute shortage of classrooms and the lack of seating. 69 percent of the grade 8 pupils who sat for exams achieved positive results, two percent lower than in 2-15. The basic school examinations are a key prerequisite to receiving the Basic Education Certificate.


Meanwhile the Sudanese General Association of Education has threatened to boycott the examinations of the basic and high secondary stages coming March in protest against a decision by the Ministry of Finance regarding financial allowances. Teachers in Nyala and Nyala North localities have also not received payments of financial allowances since 2012 and plan to go on strike from school examinations activities.


Unicef: ‘Displaced Jebel Marra students in Darfur battle the odds’ (9 March 2016)


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