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South Darfur hospital administration reverses decision after doctors strike again

October 5 - 2011 NYALA

The Nyala hospital administration in South Darfur denied its doctors salaries for the month of September on Wednesday, a resident of Nyala told Radio Dabanga.

The director general of the hospital issued a decision to stop handing salaries to the hospital staff in the wake of the ongoing strike of the staff.

The doctors and other medical staff of Nyala hospital have been striking against inadequate medical equipment and improper working conditions since a few months. While the government authorities and hospital administration have agreed to meet the doctors' demands on several occasions, no measures have been taken to fulfill these claims.

Doctors of the hospital were surprised to find out on Tuesday morning that their salaries had not been credited. They were asked to get an approval from the hospital's director general for getting their salaries. Angered by the hospital administrations behavior, the doctors continued their strike.

Reversal of decision
The hospital management was quick to reverse its decision and issued salaries to the doctors in a few hours. The striking doctors demanded a reason from the management for its previous decision. They vowed to remain on strike until they were given an explanation.

The doctors demanded resignation from the hospital administration and the minister of Health, after blaming the two for the deterioration of health conditions in South Darfur.

They blamed the strikes on the inability of the hospital administration and the Ministry of Health to provide a satisfactory working environment.

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