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South Darfur Governor vows to ‘deter outlaws’

March 1 - 2016 UM KARDOUS
Darfur rebels (File photo RD)
Darfur rebels (File photo RD)

The Governor of South Darfur, Adam El Faki, has announced a security campaign to seize Kalashnikovs and small arms from civilians.

El Faki said that a security force of one hundred wagons strong will patrol Niteaga locality next week to implement the new resolution. He made his announcements while addressing a public rally in Niteaga on Monday.

He said that the new security resolution on civilians carrying weapons is a 'red line' that cannot be crossed, asking the people to support the state's decision.

Speaking to a rally in Um Kardous on Sunday, the Governor stressed that the issue of security in the state is not being overlooked. “The government will not allow any tribe or outlaw to create problems in the state or take the law into their own hands.”

He referred to “the prevalence of security and stability in the area”. “Whoever is seeking to take the law into their own hands without resorting to the law.”

On 14 February, fierce clashes broke out between Fellata and Salamat in the area of Nadhif near El Malwi. There were 25 dead and wounded, according to the state. South Darfur State ordered the tribes to be disarmed of any heavy weapons, and announced the formation of a committee to probe the recent clashes.

Also in North Darfur's Kutum locality and El Fasher, security forces are ordered with seizing weapons from civilians, and implementing security measures.

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