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South Darfur Governor ‘to lift State of Emergency’

September 7 - 2015 NYALA
A prison cell in Mellit, North Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)
A prison cell in Mellit, North Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)

The Governor of South Darfur, Adam El Faki Mohammed, has announced a plan to lift the State of Emergency that the state imposed in August 2014. This is in anticipation of “the decrease of lawlessness and improvement of the security conditions over the next three months”.

On Sunday the governor said that the state government “will take a package of precautionary measures to arrest the remaining outlaws hiding in the State”. He said that “the outlaws who have been arrested under the emergency measures are to be tried in Port Sudan, Red Sea State. He said that “exiling the criminals out of the state is a deterrent punishment that those who interfere with citizens’ security deserve.

The Governor highlighted the stability in the security situation after the arrest of 80% of the members of criminal networks. This prompted the government to consider lifting the State of Emergency.

South Darfur state imposed the State of Emergence emergency laws in the wake of a crime wave in the state capital of Nyala, with a prevalence of robbery, murder, and kidnapping in the city in August 1014.

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