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South Darfur farmers flee their land as herders renew attacks

September 30 - 2015 MERSHING
A herdsman in Darfur (file photo)
A herdsman in Darfur (file photo)

Farmers in Mershing locality, South Darfur, complain about continued attacks by militant herders on their farms. More than 300 acres planted with various crops were reportedly destroyed. Many farmers fled their lands.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, an affected farmer reported that “herders armed by the government” repeatedly attacked farmers in the southern part of Mershing the last couple of days.

“Since last week more than 300 acres planted with various crops were destroyed,” he said.

“On Tuesday, a group of herders raided the area of Kola with their livestock. A delegation of farmers filed a complaint at the Mershing police station, to no avail.

“There are not many police forces stationed in the locality, and those present did not respond to our complaints, amounting to hundreds,” he explained. “Furthermore, the herdsmen are freely roaming the area, armed with machine guns and other weapons, and causing fear and panic among the people.”

The source said that many farmers have left their farms “for good” as the herders’ assaults persisted.

He demanded from the South Darfur authorities to “play their role” and secure the agricultural season by deterring the militiamen.


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