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‘Eastern Sudan will become a second Darfur’: former MP

September 30 - 2015 PORT SUDAN
Kassala town (file photo)
Kassala town (file photo)

The states of eastern Sudan are witnessing an increase of armed robberies at highways and in the towns. Armed forces of neighbouring countries increasingly attack places in the region.

Hamed Idris, former member of the Legislative Council of the Red Sea state, considers the increase of assaults on citizens in the region “the beginning of the transformation of eastern Sudan into another Darfur”.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, Idris accused the government of being weak and unable to establish the rule of law in the country. “The Sudanese government only focuses on securing Khartoum and ignores the rest of Sudan.

“The repercussions of this political behaviour on eastern Sudan are disastrous,” he said, and warned for further worsening of the situation if nothing is done.

The former state MP complained that the armed robbers, when caught, are sentenced to “lenient penalties” and released again.

He also referred to “recent attacks carried out by security forces from neighbouring countries on Halayeb, Fashaga, and the southern part of Red Sea state. “Eastern Sudan has become a centre of human trafficking and arms trade,” he said.

During the past few weeks, armed men from “a neighbouring country” abducted a group of people in Kassala state. In El Gedaref state, bandits stole a number of agricultural machines and took them to Ethiopia.

Armed men also ambushed several vehicles on the Red Sea highway and robbed the passengers of their belongings. In Kassala state a private car was hijacked.

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