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South Darfur farmers arrested after protest

November 19 - 2015 GIREIDA LOCALITY
File photo: Women tending a farm in Dafur
File photo: Women tending a farm in Dafur

The farmers of Gireida locality in South Darfur called for the Commissioner to resign during a protest on Wednesday. Six farmers were arrested.

The farmers were participating in a protest against the destruction and damage of farms in the area by marauding militia herdsmen.

One of the farmers, Almzaraa, told Radio Dabanga that a group of herdsmen ‘armed by the government’ drove camels onto farms on Tuesday morning in Geige, Tomate, and Qundiku administrative unit south of Gereida city. This led to the complete destruction of 16 farms. Two carts and two donkeys were also stolen.

The farmer said that “the incident was reported to the Gereida police, but they refused to respond and pursue the offenders because they lack vehicles.

The farmers then gathered in front of the police station. The Commissioner addressed the crowd, who were angry at his inability to protect them, and the refusal of the police to expel the herders from the farmlands.

“The Commissioner then turned on the farmers, accusing them of supporting the opposition. The police the ordered the arrest of six of the farmers: Mohammed Ali, Abbas Ibrahim Abdel Razek, Mohamed Adam Hamid, Adam Osman Abu Toub, Ali Mohammed Omar, and Mohammed Adam Jamous.

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