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South Darfur conference rejects camp closure

January 6 - 2016 KALMA CAMP
A displaced family in Darfur (OCHA)
A displaced family in Darfur (OCHA)

A conference of displaced people that concluded in Kalma camp near Nyala, capital of South Darfur on Tuesday, have categorically rejected plans by the Sudanese government to dismantle the camps.

The resolution of the conference was “rejection of the plans to dismantle the camps, refusal of any compromise or manipulation of the rights of the displaced, negotiation with the regime on behalf of displaced and refugees, or re-planning of the camps”.

The conference was responding to remarks by Sudan’s Second Vice-President Hassabo Abdelrahman during his visit to Um Baru in North Darfur on Monday 28 December. Abdelrahman said that the government intends to put an end to the displacement before 2017.

He gave the displaced Darfuris two options: either to accept resettlement or return to their residents of origin. The government will support them in their choice which is to be implemented within 50 days.


The conferees affirmed that displaced people and refugees will not voluntarily to their villages before achieving their well-known demands: Disarmament of the militias, expulsion of new settlers, individual and collective compensation, return of the villages to their owners.

They called on the UN, AU, EU and UN Security Council to protect the displaced in accordance with the resolutions issued by the UN Security Council.

Also the conference published recommendations for the return of the humanitarian organisations that were expelled so as to provide relief to the displaced. They also demanded the prosecution of those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people, especially the displaced and refugees.

The conferences also called for the change of the mandate of Unamid troops “from peacekeeping to peace making, because there is no peace on the ground to keep".

“All the displaced want to live in a free country without regionalism, racialism or tribalism.” 


Sheikh Yousif Matar Ali Hussein, head of the high committee of the conference said that the recommendations of the three-day conference will be submitted to the local, regional and international communities.

He explained to Radio Dabanga on Tuesday that all the displaced want to live in a free country without regionalism, racialism or tribalism.

Abdul Rahman Ali El Tahir, the head Sheikh reiterated the complete rejection by the displaced of the deadline set by the government for dismantling the camps in Darfur.

He told Radio Dabanga after the conclusion of the conference that the displaced reject the government’s deadline for dismantling the camps, re-planning, or turning them into residential districts.

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