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'South Darfur city lacks water until rainfall': corporation

April 1 - 2016 NYALA
Generator used to pump water in Nyala (Jewish World Watch)
Generator used to pump water in Nyala (Jewish World Watch)

An acute lack of drinking water persists in Nyala, capital of South Darfur. An official of the water corporation said that the shortage is expected to continue until the rainfall has filled the water supplies again.

The price for a barrel of water has tripled to SDG15 ($2.45) in the city.

An official of the Nyala Water Corporation attributed the shortage to the depletion of water at Barle Valley, which is the main supplier of drinking water for Nyala.

Additionally, companies that build and operate commercial tankers to withdraw large amounts of water from Barle Valley have added to the problem, the official said.

The Dams Implementation Unit has acknowledged that there is a drinking water gap in the major cities in Darfur and said that the unit is on its way to bridge the gap through the system of dams and the drilling of new water wells.

Both humans as livestock are affected by the disruption of water services in several areas in Darfur. The water price in Ed Daein  and El Geneina has increased, while people in Sennar state also witnessed a complete lack of water services several weeks ago.

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