South Darfur capital changes curfew

The curfew in Nyala takes effect from 12am starting today, the first day of Ramadan. The governor has vowed to deter the insecurity in the city.

The security committee of South Darfur state has announced to change the curfew in the capital city to 12am instead of 10pm. Governor Adem El Faki vowed to deter insecurity and fight corruption in the city.

El Faki chaired the emergency meeting that decided on the curfew in Nyala. The secretary of the security committee, and state police director-general, Ahmed Osman Mohamed Khair, said the curfew takes effect from today (Thursday), the first day of Ramadan.

Mohamed Khair revealed that the night patrols and security bodies will remain deployed in various districts, in order to control any insecurity.

He said that any person who commits a crime will be taken to the emergency court in Nyala immediately. The Commander of the 16th Infantry, Gen. Adel Hamad, added that any person who disturbs the security or opens fire, will be taken to trial.

Trigger-happy militiamen

Radio Dabanga received a report on Monday that militiamen shot dead a young man, and robbed his phone, in El Tadamon district. On 22 May, a taxi driver was shot dead in El Thora district.

That same day, in El Sad El Ali district, militiamen hijacked the vehicle of a female doctor at gunpoint, while in El Geer (western Nyala), a grocery store owner was shot and wounded by a stray bullet. In the evening, members of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces stormed the police’s detention offices in Gireida locality. They managed to release two detainees who are accused of murder.