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Soldiers seize, beat merchant in West Darfur

November 7 - 2017 SIRBA / KUTUM
Sudanese soldier in the El Fasher Grand Market in North Darfur (RD)
Sudanese soldier in the El Fasher Grand Market in North Darfur (RD)

A merchant was severely beaten by military intelligence members in a military garrison in Sirba, West Darfur, on Sunday. 

Members of the military intelligence severely beat merchant Abdallah Haroun in his shop in the Sirba camp for displaced people on Sunday. “They had asked about the price of women clothing. When Haroun mentioned the price of 150 Sudanese pounds, the soldiers said the pricing is too high,” explained the coordinator of the camps in Sirba.

They then took Haroun to the military garrison where they beat him. He was only released after a group of people protested his detention, in front of the garrison and the headquarters of the locality.

“A medical examination confirmed that Haroun was seriously injured in the head, causing his head to bleed. Doctors are treating him in the hospital in El Geneina,” the coordinator told Radio Dabanga.


Adam Ibrahim Ahmed has been detained in the military garrison in Abdel Shakur area in Kutum locality, North Darfur, since October. One of his relatives told Radio Dabanga that Sudanese soldiers arrested Ibrahim Ahmed on 2 October, when he was in Kutum for a social occasion.

“They took him to the military garrison in the area without explaining the reasons and motives for the arrest.”

He demanded the immediate release of Ahmed or to hand him over to the police in Kutum to face a trial, “if there is a charge against him”.

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