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Six die in Jebel Marra militia raid

March 31 - 2017 FANGA
File photo
File photo

(UPDATE 31/03 19:30) The bodies of four missing people were found today, raising the death toll of an attack by militiamen near Fanga on Wednesday to six.​

Two people were already confirmed to be killed in an attack in the vicinity of Tuwa Shalal, a water well southwest of Fanga in East Jebel Marra, at 9am. Militiamen on camels and horses attacked a group of people who were driving their cattle to the well.

They opened fire on them and immediately killed Swar El Zahab Abdelmajid Saleh and Mohamed Adam. Four others, including the girl Samir Mohamed Yahya, were wounded.

Witnesses said that the gunmen made off with dozens of cows, camels, sheep, chickens and donkeys.

On Friday, a rescue team consisting of relatives of the four people who went missing during the attack, discovered their bodies near Juha, about 2 kilometres from the water well. Their bodies showed marks of torture and bullets.

Their names are Samir Mohamed Musa (19), Farah Sadig Nur (20), Ramadan Mohamed (25), and Musa Yousif 'Dudu' (75 years).

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