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Six Darfuri students detained at Khartoum strike

November 23 - 2016 KHARTOUM / OMDURMAN
File photo: Students flee tear gas at a demonstration at the University of Khartoum
File photo: Students flee tear gas at a demonstration at the University of Khartoum

Six Darfuri students were detained by security agents for questioning on Tuesday morning at the Shambat Compound of Khartoum University. The six were released late on Tuesday evening, reportedly after a beating at the hands of the agents.

The arrests are in response to a strike by Darfuri students since Sunday, in a protest against the decision repealing the fee-exemption granted to Darfuri students according to the Doha Document Peace in Darfur.

On Tuesday morning a force of the security services and police driving 17 vehicles dispersed the students using tear gas and sticks. They took six students from the compound and to their offices in the university buildings in south Khartoum.

The students stressed that they will continue to strike until all their demands will be met.


On Tuesday police and security services arrested a large number of Darfuri students at Omdurman Islamic University campus and dispersing a strike organised by the students in protest against refusal of by the University to register new Darfuri students without tuition.

One of the students told Radio Dabanga that police arrested students including Mohammed Abu Bakr and El Tayeb.

He explained that the strike came within the framework of demanding registration of the new students without fees as stipulated in the Darfur peace agreements.


The Doha Document of Peace in Darfur (DDPD) was signed between the government of Sudan and former rebel movements in 2011. Among the articles of the DDPD was a stipulation that Darfuri students would be exempt from tuition fees as Sudanese Universities.

However a referendum also stipulated in the DDPD, which was held last April, effectively abolished the DRA, as well as the stipulations of the DDPD.

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