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Sit-ins lifted, protesters injured in Sudan capital

Protesters clean the streets at the sit-in at El Azhari square, July 7 (Social media)
Protesters clean the streets at the sit-in at El Azhari square, July 7 (Social media)

An unknown number of protesters was injured in old Omdurman on Tuesday, before the anti-junta sit-in at El Azhari square was lifted. The sit-in at El Muassasa in Khartoum North (Bahri) was cancelled yesterday. During street protests in eastern Khartoum, more than 14 people were wounded.

Yesterday, policemen fired live ammunition at protesters at the sit-in at El Azhari square. An unknown number of people were injured, sources reported to Radio Dabanga.

The Resistance committees of old Omdurman had already decided to lift the sit-in today.

The sit-in at El Muassasa in Khartoum North was also lifted. Members of the Hanabniho* group immediately began removing the barricades and did a comprehensive cleaning.

The sit-ins in El Deyoum El Shargiya in Khartoum and El Arbaeen (Martyr Abdelazeem) Street in Omdurman were cancelled earlier. The reasons are not clear.

On Monday, Fadil Omar, a spokesman for the Resistance Committees in Khartoum, told Radio Dabanga that they are planning to discuss another kind of sit-in or different social disobedience actions to protest the October 202 military coup and continue their calls for democracy.

The sit-in at Siraj, renamed Martyr El Rousi by the protesters, in El Fitihab in southern Omdurman, is still in place and has witnessed many activities since the first day of the Eid, an activist reported.

Yesterday evening, young activists and members of the Emergency Lawyers spoke there on various topics related to peaceful protests, talked about the contents of the political charters released by resistance committees earlier this year, and how to work on the transformation to democracy.

In the meantime, activists living in El Sabeel, Ombadda locality in Omdurman, are reorganising the Ombadda-El Sabeel Neighbourhoods Association, in preparation for membership elections. “This will be the first elected coordination body in this country,” Mohamed Taher, spokesperson for the Association tweeted yesterday.

In Burri, a densely populated neighbourhood in eastern Khartoum, at least 14 people sustained injuries during an anti-junta demonstration on Monday.

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said in a statement on Tuesday, that a number of wounded were hit by tear gas canisters. Two were run over by vehicles of the government forces. Others sustained injuries as a result of stone throwing and stampede, the doctors reported.

They further stated that an unknown number of wounded protesters were treated in the field by ambulance teams, and were not recorded.

* Hanabniho means We’ll Build It. The movement existing of groups of active youngsters emerged during the 2019 revolution “to rebuild the country” following the 30-year reign of dictator Omar Al Bashir who was ousted in April 2019.


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