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Seven women, girls raped, beaten in South Darfur ordeal

October 31 - 2018 KASS
File photo
File photo

Seven women and girls were raped and 12 others were injured, during a two-hour ordeal by armed men in Kombo Aliba north of Kass in South Darfur on Thursday.

One of the rape victims told Radio Dabanga that an armed group of herders attacked them at around 11 pm on Thursday, beat them with machetes and rifle butts, before raping seven women and girls, including a 14-year-old. She told Radio Dabanga that the rape and beatings lasted for two hours. The injuries range between a head fracture and fractures in the hands and legs with seven of the women in serious condition.


She added that the militants robbed them of their money and belongings, including cash, mobile phones, foodstuffs, household utensils, blankets and sheets.

She said that a Unamid force stationed in Jumeiza area, accompanied by the Omda of the area, Hashim Mousa, took the rape victims and other injured to Kass to report the incident, and thence taken to Kass hospital, where the medical evidence proved that seven women were raped, including a 14-year-old girl.

She said the commissioner of Kass locality, the commander of the military garrison, the police chief, the director of the local department of the national security service, and the two police officers from the area met with them as well as visiting the scene of the incident.

Activists, human rights groups and civil society organisations in North Darfur have also condemned the attempted rape by a member of the Rapid Support Forces of a minor on her father’s farm at Muzbad in North Darfur.

Journalist and writer Daoud Hari, whose sister Noi Hari was shot dead by a member of the RSF while she was defending her honour last year.

Muzbad rape attempt

He demanded via Radio Dabanga to try the criminal who tried to rape the minor at the farm in Muzbad and to arrest the criminal who shot Bashir Mukhtar.

In a statement to Radio Dabanga, he called for the immediate release of the two young men, who accompanied the wounded Bashir Mukhtar at the hospital in Muzbad who were imprisoned without any reason, namely Isam Mukhtar and Yasir Ali.

Also Hari called for the immediate release of any detainee during the protest against the acts of RSF for the current rape attempt and the demand for the arrest of the perpetrator and hold the rapid support forces officers responsible for Bashir if he died of neglect the rapid support that was arrested even from They will judge him.

He also held responsibility for all the former crimes and provocations committed against the people of the area and until now to the rapid support forces until they are moved from the area.

He called via Radio Dabanga on human rights organisations and all concerned to maintain security in the region to intervene to provide help.

He appealed to the Sudanese people in general and the people of Darfur in particular to circumvent this issue and to cooperate with the victims of the RSF.

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