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Seed, land inadequate for needs of Blue Nile refugees in South Sudan

September 1 - 2016 UPPER NILE
File photo: Waiting for food distribution in South Sudan
File photo: Waiting for food distribution in South Sudan

Sudanese refugees from Blue Nile state living in South Sudan’s Upper Nile complain of inadequate seed and farming land granted to them, which could detrimentally affect the agricultural season this year.

The refugees of the Blue Nile in Upper Nile of South Sudan State have complained of a lack of seeds and the narrowness of the land they are granted for the purpose of farming which could affect the agricultural season in the camps this year.

On Wednesday, Abuteek El Imam, the Coordinator of camp Yousif Bateel, told Radio Dabanga that the humanitarian organisations in the camp have not provided them with adequate seed for the season, and that the agricultural areas granted by the sultans are too small to meet their food needs.

He appealed to the humanitarian organisations to provide more seed and agricultural equipment to the refugees.

The refugees have also appealed to humanitarian organisations working in the camp to provide them with training and workshops to raise their capacities and awareness in various fields, especially in health and social awareness.

They also have called for the establishment of training, sports facitities and youth centres at Yousif Bateel, Jendrasa, Eljmam and Doro camps.

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