Security director’s vehicle, weapons stolen, East Darfur

In a theft inside the house of the NISS director in Abu Karinka locality, the thieves manage to overpower the bodyguards and steal his vehicle, weapons, and money.

On Wednesday evening, unidentified gunmen stole the vehicle of the Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in Abu Karinka locality in East Darfur state. A witness claimed that his weapons, money, and mobile phones were also taken.

Seven militants, a witness explained, broke into the director's house at bout 8pm. They threatened his driver and two of his bodyguards, before taking the mobile phones and the vehicle's key from them. The three were locked inside the bathroom, after which the militants searched the house and took money and properties, including kalashnikov rifles and pistols.

All the items were loaded into the vehicle of the security service director, and the seven men fled the scene.

The acting State Governor, Talha Madibo, said that he has heard about the theft of the vehicle, but has not received any official report.