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Security delay distribution of Sudan’s El Tayyar newspaper for two consecutive days

June 12 - 2018 KHARTOUM
File photo
File photo

For the second day in a row, the security apparatus suspended the distribution of El Tayyar daily newspaper for hours and only released it after 7:00 am without informing the newspaper or explaining any reasons for the action.

Osman Mirghani, the editor-in-chief of El Tayyar, told Radio Dabanga that the apparatus only released the printed copies of the newspaper after 7 am, when other newspapers have been distributed, causing financial damage to the newspaper.

He added to Radio Dabanga that it is very frequent with the newspaper and that the action to follow is to usually inquire from the department of information of security apparatus of the reason, but often do not get a reason or clarification.

As reported by Radio Dabanga in May, distribution of El Tayyar was delayed for nine days in a row, causing severe financial loses.

He added that because of the frequent application of this procedure, they have not yet asked about the cause and continue their work normally, regardless of any action or delay that may be caused by the security apparatus.

On Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive days, the press security services have continued to summon Shamayel El Nur against the backdrop of a column entitled “Siege” published El Tayyar newspaper on June 9.

The Sudanese Journalists’ Network said in a statement that El Nur had been subjected to lengthy and exhausting questioning that has continued for hours along with being subjected to personal abuse by a security officer.

The network also pointed that two days ago the security authorities summoned journalist Ahmed Younis, the correspondent of the London-based Arabic newspaper El Sharq El Awsat for the second time in a month.

The network said in its statement that Younis had been subjected to a security interrogation against the backdrop of the news of the confiscation of El Jareeda newspaper.

It said Ahmed Younis had received explicit threats from the security forces to ban him from reporting as a journalist.

The anti-terrorism and espionage department summoned journalist El Hadi El Amin and subjected him to questioning about foreign travel.

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