Saudi solidarity with Sudan solution

240618 Saudi Arabia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Abdulmohsen Majed bin Khothaila (Photo: Supplied)

In an address to the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Abdulmohsen Majed bin Khothaila, underscored the Kingdom’s unwavering support for Sudan amid the ongoing crisis.

During the interactive dialogue of the 56th session of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador bin Khothaila responded to the oral update from the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Sudan. He articulated Saudi Arabia’s deep concern over the continued military operations in Sudan, highlighting the severe human suffering resulting from the conflict.

“The Kingdom renews its call for a return to dialogue to pave the way for a political solution that spares our brothers the scourge of war,” Ambassador bin Khothaila declared, according to a statement posted on the official X account of the KSA Mission UN Geneva.

He emphasised the urgent need to protect civilians, safeguard humanitarian workers, and preserve vital infrastructure.

Stressing the importance of an intra-Sudanese resolution, the Ambassador stated, “The solution to the Sudanese crisis lies in a political process that respects Sudan’s sovereignty, unity, and national institutions,” the X account further detailed.

Ambassador bin Khothaila also highlighted Saudi Arabia’s active role in facilitating peace efforts. “The Kingdom is hosting the Jeddah talks between the parties involved in the Sudanese crisis. Our goal is to stabilise the truce, reach a final ceasefire agreement, and end the conflict in a manner that preserves Sudan’s sovereignty and unity, enabling it to restore security, stability, and a path to a better future, God willing,” read another post from the KSA Mission UN Geneva.