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Salaries lag far behind costs of living in Sudan: Communist Party

April 23 - 2018 KHARTOUM
A vegetable market in Khartoum North (file photo)
A vegetable market in Khartoum North (file photo)

The cost of living for a family of five persons has risen to SDG 13,000 per month, according to a study published by the Sudanese Communist Party on Saturday.

The study by the party’s Central Trade Union Office pointed out that the amount of SDG 13,000 ($ 713*) does not include important needs such as the maintenance of the house, telephones, education, entertainment, or social courtesies.

Between October 2017 and January 2018, the costs of living increased with more than SDG 4,000 (15.7 per cent), while the minimum salary is still set on SDG 425.

Sources reported to Radio Dabanga from Omdurman, the sister city of Khartoum, that a simple falafel sandwich now costs SDG 7 ($). They pay SDG 40 for a kilogram of tomatoes, and SDG 10 for a ratul [nearly half a litre] of yoghurt.

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