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Salamat, Fellata tribes sign ceasefire in South Darfur

September 8 - 2015 BURAM
Darfur elders (file photo)
Darfur elders (file photo)

Representatives of the Salamat and Fellata tribes signed an agreement on the cessation of hostilities to prevent new clashes on Monday. The first step toward a peace agreement was taken at the forum hosted by Buram locality in South Darfur.

The conference to normalise the tribal relations and reach a solution for peaceful coexistence is headed by the chieftain of the Habaniya tribe from the same area. Present at the conference are commissioners of Tullus, Dimsu, El Radoom, El Sunta and Gireida localities.

Omda of the Salamat tribe, Jibril Hassan Adam, told Radio Dabanga that the agreement between the Salamat and Fellata delegates was reached “real smooth”. He praised their roles and tolerance, saying they have “distinguished” themselves from conflict seekers in the tribes.

Yousif El Samani, deputy of the head of the Fellata tribe, commented to Radio Dabanga after the signing that they agreed on ten items, including a complete cessation of hostilities in word and deed. Also included is the immediate notification of all parties in the event of infringements of the cessation.

Another agreement was that the assembly of people, for instance to retrieve lost cattle, should not only include members of one of the tribes. Members of the Salamat and Fellata, and security or regular forces of Sudan have to be part of such gatherings, in an attempt to avoid any bickering, El Samani explained.

Sudanese troops are still present in Buram to prevent any disputes and crimes that could escalate into a fight.

He revealed that both parties are committed to not shelter criminals and conflict instigators, and that they will help the regular forces to capture them. The deputy called on the government to do its part in maintaining order of the forces that are still active in the areas.

Security forces deployed to Buram on 14 August as buffer troops to stop further escalation between the warring tribesmen, are still present in the areas. They are to prevent any disputes between tribesmen and provide security in the area against any cattle theft, robbery or other crimes that could escalate into another fight.

Abakar Ibrahim Mohamed Shamna, the commissioner of Tullus locality, commented that the signed cessation of any hostile action between the Salamat and Fellata is an advance toward reaching the full peace agreement.

54 dead

The tribal conflict has claimed the lives of hundreds of people in Tullus and Buram. Reportedly 54 people were killed and 29 were wounded from both sides in clashes in Buram's Asalya and Anadif areas on 13 and 14 August. Intervening government forces managed to end most of the fighting in other places.

Before that, clashes between the Fellata and Salamat tribes took place at the end of March in Dimsu and El Ferdous localities, adjacent to Buram. More than 67 people from both sides were killed, in addition to many more wounded. The state authorities then also sent military buffer forces to prevent more clashes.

As for the conflict between the Salamat and Taisha tribes, Omda Hassan Adam called on the government to speed up their reconciliation efforts. He revealed that the Salamat are ready for the peace process to commence.

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