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S Darfur militias kidnap father and son in ‘new extortion’ method

March 22 - 2013 GIREIDA

Father and son were kidnapped in South Darfur in line with a “new extortion method” in which militants are accusing the child of stealing a number of goats from them. Sources say the hostages will not be released until the perpetrators recover their livestock or receive a number of goats instead.

Sources from Gireida explained to Radio Dabanga the whole area has experienced “heavy activities by militias” lately, adding they destroyed “everything” and therefore know that ransom in cash can no longer be paid.

“This new extortion method of pretending that livestock were stolen is the only way insurgents can still make money from us”, a source was quoted as saying.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that Ishag Fadel and his son Anwar, 10, were abducted at 4:30pm on Thursday from their farm located 1.5km from the Gireida camp. The gunmen, riding horses and camels, were taken to Tweil.

The police claimed they would provide support to the displaced in light of the events, but until Friday evening “nothing had happened”.

Last Monday, security forces raided the house and arrested a displaced from Gireida called Osama Ayub, a relative said.

He told Radio Dabanga Ayub was taken to an unknown location and he fears he may be subjected to torture and abuses while in custody.  

The relative is demanding the support of international humanitarian agencies to free Ayub.

Radio Dabanga file photo

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