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RSF killing fuels public anger in Sennar, across Sudan

RSF troops (File photo: SUNA)
RSF troops (File photo: SUNA)

Demonstrations broke out on Monday in Singa, capital of Sennar, condemning the killing of at least one person and wounding dozens of others by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) government militia on Sunday. Demonstrations and protests also continue across Sudan.

Allajabo Kadkar, a leading member of the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC – formerly known as Alliance for Freedom and Change) in Singa told Radio Dabanga that secondary school students in Singa took part in demonstrations yesterday afternoon, chanting slogans against the events in El Souki which claimed the life of at least one person and wounded more than 15 others by the RSF on Sunday.

Kadkar also pointed to the launching of other demonstrations on Monday evening in Singa denouncing the events of El Souki.

He said demonstrations were launched from three different locations in the town and gathered at the intersection of Sennar Street, chanting slogans condemning the killing of unarmed civilians by the RSF.

On the latest developments in El Souki on Monday, witnesses said that on Sunday evening, an angry group of El Souki residents demolished the full contents of the buildings of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) which was taken by the Rapid Support Forces as their base, in addition to destroying two vehicles belonging to the security apparatus.

He pointed out that there are about 15 wounded by the bullets of the RSF in the events being treated at hospitals in Singa and Sennar town.

Sudanese Professionals Association

The Sudanese Professionals Association denounced the bloody events in El Souki.

In a statement on Monday, the SPA holds the authorities of Sennar state and the central authorities in Khartoum fully responsible for what took place in El Souki.

At the same time, it warned all those who plan to use murder and violence against defenceless citizens, stressing that crimes against humanity do not fall and justice will reach all criminals no matter how long or short.


The acting governor of Sennar, Maj Gen Ahmed Saleh, told reporters in Singa that the events were the result of the march of the residents of El Souki on Sunday morning towards the office of the NISS guarded by RSF militiamen.

He added that the clashes prompted the forces guarding the security offices to open fire killing two people from both sides and wounding others.

He pointed out that there was a riot near the security offices after the gathering of large numbers of angry residents after the incident of the death of a resident and a member of the RSF.

The governor acknowledged the death of a citizen and an RSF member and other five wounded, pointing that “such events are expected in such security conditions”.

Demonstrations across Sudan

Demonstrations continued in Khartoum and several cities in the states, including Singa, Kassala and Wad Madani. In the capital Khartoum, students held protests at the University of Science, Technology and Medical Laboratories, the University of Sudan, the Karari University and the Academy of Engineering Sciences, amid chanting slogans calling for retribution denouncing the military junta.

The centre of Khartoum witnessed demonstration where the authorities fired tear gas in the street.

On Tuesday, the capital Khartoum and the states will witness signing of individuals and companies who have promised to participate in the financing of a Martyrs' Memorial, while inviting the architects, designers, innovators, landscaping companies and individuals to participate in the presentation of proposals for the Martyrs' Memorial.

Wednesday will be dedicated to initiatives to commemorate the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, as well as on Wednesday as a propaganda day for the districts’ committees in the capital and states in preparation to March of Millions for the Martyrs in Sudan on Thursday.

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