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Robbery at Kabkabiya market, North Darfur

September 16 - 2015 KABKABIYA
File photo: Kabkabiya Market (Robert Lankenau)
File photo: Kabkabiya Market (Robert Lankenau)

A mill and a grain store in the market of Kabkabiya, North Darfur, were plundered by militiamen on Monday.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that a group of militiamen arrived in a Land Cruiser, and took all of the goods from a store owned by Mohamed Yahy, and much of the grain stored at Mohammed Abaker’s mill.

The witness said that the thieves were unchallenged, in spite of the presence of a police station at the market.

Vehicles recovered

On Tuesday, Commissioner El Tijani Abdallah Saleh of El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, announced that ten suspects have been arrested – including two high-ranking officers of the regular forces” – and that and seven stolen cars and 68 motorcycles were recovered during a raid by security services in El Fasher. The Commissioner stressed that the state government “will not neglect to enforce the law on all”.

Herders rescued

In Mukjar locality of Central Darfur, three herders from camp Mukjar were abducted by militiamen along with more than 150 goats belonging to the displaced at the camp.

A local rescue team reportedly managed to recover the three herders. They clashed with the gunmen, who then fled.

On Monday the Commissioner of El Sareif Beni Hussein locality, Mohammed Ismail, announced the formation of a popular force to provide and maintain security and fight insecurity.

Last week the Commissioner issued a decision introducing measures which ban anyone other than the regular forces carrying arms. The measures also clamp down on drug abuse and trafficking.

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