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River crushes sand dam blocking transport in Sudan’s Sennar

September 14 - 2018 EL DINDIR
Floods in Sennar state in August 2018 (RD)
Floods in Sennar state in August 2018 (RD)

The flooding of a river in Sennar state has led to the partial collapse of El Atashan Dam and disconnected the road between El Dindir and villages and production areas.

El Dindir river flooded this week and so has the road that leads from El Dindir town to the National Park, production areas and villages in the east. A number of residents told Radio Dabanga that the districts of Jebel, Shargi, Um Ardeib and El Sarifa are surrounded by water.

They pointed to the evacuation of a number of families from the villages and districts.

The commissioner of El Dindir locality, Abdelazim Adam Yousef, described the situation as “very serious”. He said that all the constructed sand dams face the risk of collapse. “This could pose a danger to El Dindir locality itself.”

Farmers who spoke to Radio Dabanga said that the water has flooded thousands of acres, and destroyed horticultural crops and fields, all of which they estimated to be worth more than SDG500 million ($500 million*).

Also floods in El Gedaref state caused the area between El Mafaza, El Hawata, El Dindir and El Gedaref to remain completely closed for transport.

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