Renewed West Darfur armed attacks: Son killed, father injured

Abdelshakour Barma (24) was killed, and his father, Barma Tarboush, was wounded in an armed attack in the Sirba locality of West Darfur on Monday.

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Abdelshakour Burma (24) was killed, and his father, Burma Tarboush, was wounded in an armed attack in Sirba, West Darfur, on Monday.

Mohamed Abakar told Radio Dabanga, from Sirba that armed men riding on horses attacked the area and opened fire on the people, killing Abdelshakour instantly and injuring his father, who was transferred to the teaching hospital of El Geneina, capital of West Darfur, shortly after. The witness went on to add that a large number of livestock and property were looted by the gunmen.

Abakar stated that the northern localities in West Darfur, such as Sirba and Jebel Moon, are facing harsh conditions due to the lack of arrival of goods and vehicles because of the deteriorating security situation. He called on the authorities to “provide sufficient forces to secure the roads and villages”.

Darfur Governor addresses renewed violence

Minni Minawi, Governor of Darfur, accused the government forces of failing to resolve the violence and fighting in West Darfur, describing the failure of the authorities to stop the burning of camps in West Darfur, as a “conspiracy and form of intimidation”.

In his address to native administration leaders in El Geneina on Wednesday, he attributed the failure of the authorities to intervene as a way of avoiding partisan accusations.

In a meeting chaired by the governor, Minawi decided to establish security arrangements headed by the acting governor of North Darfur, Nimir Abdelrahman, to deploy the heads of security in the five states to start the ceasefire operations.

Minawi said that the meeting also dealt with the problem of unregistered cars and motorcycles, that exacerbated the security problems, and ways to control them.

The governor of Central Darfur, Saad Adam Babiker, said that the meeting also touched on the issues of the displaced, humanitarian organisations, and how to provide support in addition to the issue of borders, by defining the borders of the region.