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Reconciliation conference aims to ease tribal tensions in South Darfur

June 21 - 2018 GIREIDA
Falata and Salamat leaders sign a peace agreement in Buram in April 2018 (SUNA)
Falata and Salamat leaders sign a peace agreement in Buram in April 2018 (SUNA)

A Reconciliation and Social Peace Conference between leaders of the Falata and Masalit tribes will begin in Gireida in South Darfur next week.

The Governor of South Darfur Adam El Faki, called on the Gireida community to cooperate and support voluntary repatriation, reconciliation and security issues.

On Monday, El Faki said in a meeting with leaders Gireida locality that the issues of borders between the localities are the responsibility of the government and have nothing to do with any tribal opinion.

Locality border issues

He announced the solution of the border problem of the Ladoub area between East and South Darfur, pointing that there is a federal committee now working to resolve the issue of whether Abujaradel belongs to Central Darfur or South Darfur.

El Faki added that “any border problem between the localities will be resolved according to the orders of establishing localities in 2009.”

He promised to work on the conference of orders to establish localities to be applied on the ground in the coming period.


The Falata tribe also signed a reconciliation agreement with the Salamat this year. In April, Leaders of the Falata and Salamat tribes signed a peace agreement in South Darfur on Thursday, in the presence of Hasabo Abdelrahman, Second Vice-President of Sudan.

Over the past years, Falata and Salamat in southern Darfur entered into bloody conflicts over water sources and pastures. Hundreds of tribesmen on both sides were killed and thousands of villagers displaced.

At the time, the tribal leaders recommended the enhancement of the rule of law in the region, the opening of more markets, better maintenance of water sources, and clearly defined pastures.

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