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Rebels destroy military base in South Darfur

December 20 - 2013 MERSHING

Forces of the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid announced the destruction of the Duma military base north of the city of Nyala, in South Darfur's Mershing locality, on Friday morning.

The forces, under the banner of the Sudan Revolutionary Front, killed “27 government troops and captured six vehicles loaded with guns”, military spokesperson Mustafa Tambour told Radio Dabanga. They have also seized a large number of various weapons and ammunition from the Duma army base, located about 40km north of Nyala.

The battle began at 6am on Friday morning. According to Tambour, after one hour and a half the rest of the government forces fled toward Nyala.

File photo: Video footage showing SLM-AW leader Abdel Wahid, dressed in military uniform speaks to his troops in an undisclosed location (Sudan Tribune)

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