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Rebels claim attack on Sudanese military convoys on North-South Kordofan border

December 1 - 2013 ABU ZABAD

The Sudan Revolutionary Front claims to have killed more than 100 Sudanese army and militia troops in an attack on three military convoys south of Abu Zabad, near the border between North and South Kordofan.

Mohamed Bileil Eisa Zayed, deputy head of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and JEM secretary for the Kordofan region reported to Radio Dabanga that a force consisting of JEM and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) troops on Saturday, at around 3pm, attacked three convoys of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in the area of Jebel Abu Dumou’, 50km south of Abu Zabad Town.

According to Zayed, more than 100 SAF and militia troops were killed, including 10 officers: Brig. Ahmed Marjan Abdallah Idris, Col. Mamoun Bashir Kabashi, Col. Amin Mohamed Amin, Col. Hussein Hury, Lt. Col. Mohamed Zein Azrag, Lt. Col. Mohamed Ibrahim Mukhtar, Lt. Col. Abu Madyan Abdelfattah, Lt. Col. Mustafa Abdelfideil Daraj, Lt. Col. Sadig Mahmoud Sakin, Salaheldin Ahmed, a guard of the Republican Palace, and assistant Hamad Mohamed Ismail.

Dozens of other army and militia troops were injured and taken prisoner. A Sukhoi MiG jet was brought down. The rebels captured 30 military vehicles loaded with various weapons, in addition to large quantities of mortars, ammunition, equipment and medical and food supplies.

Bileil said that the rest of the SAF troops fled in the direction of Sunut. “At Wadi Jebel El Aghar, they are trapped, being surrounded by rebel forces,” he added.

According to the commander of the 18th Infantry White Nile, Gen. Muntasir Sabil, the SAF achieved victories in several operational areas. “The armed forces have achieved victories in many areas and returned home in high spirits,” he said in his address to battalions returning from Abu Karshola in South Kordofan.

File photo: President Omar Al Bashir inspects army troops during a military parade


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