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Reactions of IDPs and refugees negative on agreement

March 18 - 2010 Al SALAAM - CHAD

IDPs in camps such as As Salaam camp in Zalingei told Radio Dabanga they refuse the newly signed framework agreement between the government and the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM). They are not a part of this agreement. They refused several agreements because the Doha forum can not solve the problem of Darfur, they said. It may increase the suffering of people in Darfur. They welcome the unified factions to come in as one new movement with one chairman that can unify all the Darfurian people. This is Abuja number two, they suggested — a reference to the failed 2006 peace deal made in Nigeria.

Refugees in Chad said they also refuse the agreement because they are not part of the agreement. There were many agreements signed before and they think the movement leaders are looking for a job in the government and they, the refugees, remain suffering as victims of the war.

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