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Rapes by militiamen in North Darfur, South Kordofan

January 24 - 2018 SARAF OMRA / UM BRAMBETA
A gunman wearing Kadamol in Darfur (File photo)
A gunman wearing Kadamol in Darfur (File photo)

A 16-year-old has been raped, allegedly by a member of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia near Um Jahara village north Saraf Omra on Monday. In Um Brambeta in South Kordofan, a 50-year-old farmer was raped on January 14.

A member of the 16-year-old told Radio Dabanga that the incident happened when the girl went into the village valley to tie her donkey to the grass, where the militia member threatened and raped her.

He said that when the village residents learned of the incident, they notified the RSF near the village who arrested the alleged perpetrator and took him to their headquarters in Saraf Omra.

Activists in Saraf Umra expressed concern that the troops would cover-up their colleague's act to settle this serious issue away from the law.

The activists pointed to other concerns such as the emergence of members of the militiamen in uniforms wearing Kadamol scarves with weapons at Saraf Omra market in broad daylight without being confronted by any party, which threatens with insecurity and chaos.

South Kordofan

Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) reports that on January 14, a woman farmer identified only as SK was raped by two members of Popular Defence Forces (PDF) in Um Brambita in South Kordofan.

A HUDO statement says that the victim reported the case to Um Brambeta police but the police did not carry out investigations or arrest the perpetrators.

”On 14th January 2017, SK (50) was in her garden one kilometre away from her village harvesting corn. As she was working, three armed men dressed in PDF uniform came closer, blocked and threatened her. Without delay, two of the soldiers started to rape her in turns while the third one observed and guarded them.

“SK reported what happened to her at Um-Brambeta police. The police gave her “form eight (8)” to enable her undergo a medical check-up of which she did. SK returned to Police with the medical report confirming that she was raped. Then police opened the case even without going to the scene of crime. The victim proved that given chance, she can recognize the perpetrators in order to help with investigations. But, the police told her to go and comeback after one month,” the report reads.

“HUDO is very concerned about the situation of women in SK State and the escape of perpetrators in such cases. Also the poor cooperation of police is an issue.”

HUDO calls upon the Sudan government to carry out genuine investigations and apprehend the perpetrators, Embassies in Sudan to put more pressure on Sudan government to uphold the rule of law, and for the Sudan government to end the impunity of its militias.

The HUDO statement says it centre regularly receives reports about rape cases committed by members of security agencies in South Kordofan. Generally, police opens such cases as “anonymous perpetrators”. Other victims are not given chance to open a case though the perpetrators are known and protected. The following are some cases that were reported:

  • On January 3 2016, F. M, 17 years old, student, was raped by three soldiers from RSF on gun point in Al-Abbasiya. The police did not record (open) the case.
  • On January 31 2016, M. A. E, 43 years old was raped on gun pointing by four armed soldiers from RSF. The police refused to file the case and confiscated her cellphone and prevented her from leaving Al Abbasiya town.
  • On March 21 2016, U. D. K, 11 years old and paralyzed (walking disability) girl was raped at Talodi town by two soldiers from reserve police, they were seen by her mother while they were escaping. The case was opened at Talodi police office against anonymous perpetrator. There were no further investigations.
  • On September 16 2016, A. G .N 24 years old and R. G. N 18 years old were raped in Talodi town by two Policemen from the Criminal Investigation Unit. The case was opened at Talodi police office against other two men who were not even at the scene crime.

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