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Radical Sudanese Islamist re-arrested in Khartoum

July 1 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Mohamed El Jazouli (Radio Tamazuj)
Mohamed El Jazouli (Radio Tamazuj)

Mohamed El Jazouli, Secretary-General of the Sudanese Tayar El Umma El Wahida radical Islamist group has reportedly been arrested again by security agents on Tuesday morning.

The group is well-known in Sudan for its support of the Islamic State (IS).

El Jazouli’s arrest came some days after he was released from a previous detention, according to a statement released by the group on social media without giving further details.

The Islamist leader had been in prison for eight months for expressing his support for El Qaida and IS (Ed Daesh in Arabic). Directly after being released, the leader of the El Jereif Mosques founded by President Al Bashir in Khartoum, repeated his support for Islamic State forces fighting the “coalition of Arab crusaders”.

He was arrested a few days after a number of medical students secretly left Khartoum to join IS in Syria.

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