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Protests in Port Sudan against sale of schools

May 19 - 2014 PORT SUDAN

Port Sudan witnessed on Sunday a number of demonstrations against the sale of four schools in the city centre, and using the plots for business investment by the Red Sea State Government.

One of the demonstrators reported to Radio Dabanga that Governor Mohamed Taher Eila intends to sell four historical schools in Port Sudan, and use the land for investment projects. The people went to the streets on Sunday, demanding Eila to step down. They threw bottles of water around, cut off some major roads, and burned tires.

The police intervened, and dispersed the protesters with tear gas. A number of demonstrators sustained injuries. The Governor, in turn, rallied his supporters of the ruling National Congress Party, who went to the streets too, confirming their support for Eila’s plans.

File photo: People protesting against the selling of schools in Port Sudan on 5 May 2014 (Radio Dabanga)

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