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Protests across Sudan address public dissatisfaction

Demonstration in El Gedaref yesterday (RD Correspondent)
Demonstration in El Gedaref yesterday (RD Correspondent)

On Wednesday, the residents of El Gedaref continued escalating their protests demanding the removal of the governor of the state. The local Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) and Resistance Committees carried out five vigils to demand the dismissal of the governor and provision of humanitarian relief for the affected people in the villages of Galalnahal and Abu Kura in El Rahad locality.

Activists also organised two protests in front of the Radio and Television buildings. The protestors condemning the governor’s control over the Radio and Television, claiming that the Radio and TV does not cover or report the activities of the Forces for Freedom and Change as well as it does not highlight plight of those flood-affected people in El Rahad and Gala Alnahal.

Also, government officials have organised two demonstrations rallied in front of the Ministries of Infrastructure and Finance demanding the removal of the governor, along with other professional demands. Moreover, the coordination of medical cadres and employees of the Ministry of Health and Social Development have carried out a similar protest with the same demands.

On Thursday, El Gedaref residents expected organised a huge demonstration the sacking of the governor because of his anti-revolutionary position. However, after the expected demonstration, some activists have been planning for a gathering at the headquarters of the government secretariat; and to remain there until the removal of the governor.

West Darfur

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sudanese Professionals Association organised demonstrations in front of the courts compound in El Geneina in West Darfur; condemning the trials of eight coordinators of (SPA) in the Ministry of Finance because of their involvement demonstration and the strike.

The protestors condemned what it described as mock trials conducted by the former regime’s officials to confront the revolutionaries and hinder their attempts of taking control over state’s institutions. In May, Ministry of Finance officials organised a demonstration in solidarity with them.

Nuba Mountains

In the Nuba Mountains, in South Kordofan, the youth in the eastern localities have determined to plan for a massive demonstration demanding the state governor claiming that the situation in the state remains and continues to be ruled with same policies as in the former regime.

Red Sea state

The Red Sea state on Wednesday, teachers and other government employees had organised two demonstrations; one in front of the Ministry of Education, and the other at the Red Sea Museum demanding the removal of government official affiliated with of the former regime. In this respect, a journalist, Amin Sinada told Radio Dabanga that a large number of teachers’ committee members had protest in front of the Ministry of Education demanding the removal of a number of those affiliated with the former regime from high positions in the ministry, and asking for providing effective measures so that the academic year can be resumed.

Further, he said that activists also protested in front of the Red Sea Museum for Heritage and Antiquities, demanding the dismissal of the museum director as part of the former regime, condemning the failure of the museum to reflect the heritage of the region, as well as asking for forming a new committee consist of the people of the region to manage the museum, and to enrich the museum with local culture and heritage.

White Nile state

The Temporal Committee for the Restoration of the White Nile Sugar Workers Union has denounced the decision by the management company that led to the dismissal three engineers and the referral of a number of workers for investigation.

The engineers and workers participated in a demonstration that was organised by the committee demanding the removal of the former regime’s officials on Tuesday. The committee explained that the discharged engineers are members of the Temporal Committee that organising the movement.

The committee explained in a statement that the management of the company is preparing other lists of dismissal and investigation in order to silence the voices of the workers.

The committee called on the ministers of Labour and Industry to intervene to put an end to such unfair and unjust measures.

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