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Pro-government militia 'kill 18 civilians' in Muhajeriya and Labado, East Darfur

April 21 - 2013 MUHAJERIYA / LABADO

Reports from eye-witnesses claim that pro-government militia killed 18 civilians in the East Darfur cities of Muhajeriya and Labado after government forces recaptured the two towns between Tuesday and Wednesday as Sudan Liberation Army -Minni Minawi withdrew.

An estimated 40,000 people have been displaced by the fighting between the Sudanese army and rebel forces of SLA-MM in the region.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, witnesses claimed that the militia had kidnapped a number of girls from inside the UNAMID team site in Muhajeriya and raped them. Besides, several citizens were reportedly tortured, they added.

One of the victims revealed that the militants chased citizens around the UNAMID team sites and abducted an unknown number of them. Displaced civilians gathered at the UNAMID team sites after the clashes broke out.

He added that all the fatal victims are members of the Zaghawa tribe and revealed that among those killed in Labado are Abdullah Musa and his two sons Ibrahim and Osman, Badawi Abkar Musa, Ezz el Deen Adam Bashr, Alsafi Tabet, Yaqoub Mohamed Hamed, Makkah Abdullah Noor, Mona Musa Yaqoub in addition to injuring all of Abdullah Hassan Adam, Anwar Altoum Abd el Jabbar, Mohamed Mekki Yaqoub, Zainab, Hawa Omda Hassan.

'Ethnical cleansing'

Reports claim that dozens of people from the two cities are missing. According to witnesses, the majority of people from the two towns fled in the direction of Kalma and Attash camps, the areas of Marla and Ed Daein, Abu Salama, Seleia and Yassin. They added that dozens are stranded in forests and valleys.

The witnesses affirmed that the entire population of Muhajeriya has fled and described the events in both towns as an “ethnical cleansing” of the Zaghawa tribe.

They added that among those killed in Muhajeriya are the deputy omda of Muhajeriya, Yahya Jaren Abkar, and his brother, Ishaq Jaren, Issa Mohamed Abdel Banat Alshahir, a renowned trader, and Ibrahim Abkar Adam Ali, a primary school teacher, Haroun Ibrahim Abdullah Alshahir, Adam Musa Abkar, Omda Ishaq Ali from Shawa, Osman Musa Khatir, Mohamed Ismail Rahma, UNAMID driver, and Abboud al Amin Zakaria.

File photo: An aerial view of Muhajeriya town in East Darfur State (

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