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ICC suspect, JEM-Bashar deputy presumably killed in Darfur

April 22 - 2013 KHARTOUM

JEM-Bashar faction announced its deputy general commander Saleh Mohammed Jerbo was killed in a battle in North Darfur last Friday. Jerbo was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for supposedly killing 12 UNAMID peacekeepers in 2007.

The alleged war criminal and an accomplice are suspected of leading 1,000 rebels in an attack on an UNAMID compound in Haskanita, Sudan. ICC set their trial for 5 May 2014.

Ali Wafi, JEM-Bashar spokesman, told Radio Dabanga that Deputy General Commander Jerbo was killed on Wednesday when their troops were ambushed by JEM in Furawiyya, North Darfur.

For his part, JEM Spokesman Jibril Adam Bilal said his movement is “not able to confirm or deny” the death of Jerbo. He said JEM forces are still “chasing” Bashar’s faction but he said Jerbo is not among the captured.

Last Friday, Bilal declared JEM had successfully repulsed an ambush by Bashar’s faction with the support of pro-government militias in Jebel Darma, near Furawiyya. JEM-Bashar denies the allegations.

JEM-Bashar, led by Mohamed Bashar Ahmed, broke away from JEM last year and signed a peace treaty with the Sudanese government earlier this month. JEM claims not having any links with JEM-Bashar.


Darfur rebel group SLA-Minni Minawi appealed to both parties to cease hostilities and direct their fighting towards the “genocidal regime” of Khartoum.

In a statement, SLA-MM said the 10-year war in Darfur “launched” by the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) shows Khartoum has not joined peace negotiations to resolve the crisis.

Instead, its intention is to exploit “the sons of Darfur” and support their battles against each other in a “divide and conquer” approach, it was stated. This will “prolong” the suffering of the Darfurians and the NCP will be the only beneficiary.

ICC photo file: Defense lawyer Karim Khan (left), Abdallah Banda (center) and Saleh Jerbo (right)


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