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Prices of goods in Darfur rise

March 18 - 2011 By Radio Dabanga -- DARFUR

There has been an increase in the price of goods and food items in Darfur. The inflation is attributed by IDPs to the reduction of services and rations provided in the camps.IDPS in the Bir Dagag and Kandibi camps in West Darfur reported that price of food has gone higher and the services offered to the people has been reduced. Speaking to Radio Dabanga from the camps, sources said the people there have spend three months without any food and received no assistance during the last six months. One of them described the situation as terrible.

According to one trader who declined to reveal his name to Radio Dabanga, businessmen who attempt to bring goods from the north are stopped on the way in.

The price of sugar in Saraf Umra  has gone from 118SDG per sack to 220 SDG oil 118SDG . A bag of sorghum is 90 SDG and millet is 115 SDG

In the town of Alleit Jar Al Neby, the price of a measure of millet rose to 6.5 pounds, sugar to 2 pounds, a bottle of oil to 5, mutton to 16 pounds, beef to 14 pounds, and a kilo of tomatoes to 3 pounds.

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