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‘Prices of consumer goods out of control in Sudan’

September 4 - 2016 KASSALA / NYALA
The Libya market in Omdurman (file photo)
The Libya market in Omdurman (file photo)

Many Sudanese are complaining that they cannot feed their children anymore.

“The prices of staple food at the markets have become unbearable, and the authorities do not intervene,” activist Badriya Jalal told Radio Dabanga from Kassala town.

She pointed out that the price of a pound of sugar rose to SDG13 ($2), and a pound of cooking oil to SDG32 ($5.25), a kilo of beef to SDG80 ($13).

“And how can we cook if a 100 kg sack of charcoal costs SDG300 SDG ($50), and a cylinder of cooking gas SDG150 ($75)? Most of the people who have work receive salaries ranging between SDG300 and SDG1,000 ($164).”

In Darfur, many people also complain that the authorities do not monitor the prices of anymore.

“The prices have gone out of control. The basic commodities have become scarce and unaffordable,” a customer in Nyala, capital of South Darfur, said.

He accused the authorities of doing nothing. “The government repeatedly promised to control the market prices, but failed to keep its promises.”

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