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President appoints ministers to Darfur Regional Authority

December 27 - 2011 Khartoum

President Omar Al Bashir issued a decree yesterday to appoint members of the executive organ of the Darfur Regional Authority, said Sudan Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) spokesman Ahmed Fadel.

Ten ministers and five commissioners were appointed as part of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur. Four were chosen from the LJM, two had taken part in the Abuja agreement, and two from civil society organizations, said Fadel.

The two chosen from civil society are reported as affiliated with the National Congress Party. They are Amna Haroun Muhammed Ali, appointed as the Minister of Finance and Economics and the first woman to be picked for a ministerial post in Darfur.

The other member chosen from civil society is Abdul Hamid Ahmed Amin, a lawyer appointed as the Justice and Reconciliation Commissioner.

Ahmed Fadel welcomed the announcement describing it as 'the beginning of the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace agreement' and to allow regional activities of the Authority to move to El Fasher.


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