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Port Sudan sit-in for higher salaries

February 24 - 2021 PORT SUDAN / KHARTOUM
The sit-in of Port Sudan workers (Social media)
The sit-in of Port Sudan workers (Social media)

Workers in Port Sudan staged a sit-in protest yesterday outside the base of the Sea Ports Authority.

In a letter, workers complained about low wages “that do not match the nature of the work”. They demanded an increase in their salaries. They also demanded the dismissal of the director of the Sea Ports Authority, an increase in the number of ambulances, a solution to job bottlenecks, and free meals for workers.


Doctors in Khartoum announced the end of their comprehensive strike yesterday after all their demands were met. The strike lasted eight days and affected more than 40 hospitals.

In a statement, the Specialists Representatives Initiative said that the strike led to the payment of late salaries to all physicians-in-training. It indicated that the Ministry of Health is committed to “following up the files of the remaining doctors who are eligible for salaries that have not yet been paid”.



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