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Over 20,000 villagers in South Kordofan face hunger, thirst

May 15 - 2017 ABBASIYA
Pumping water in a south Kordofan village (Ashraf Shazly/AFP/Getty)
Pumping water in a south Kordofan village (Ashraf Shazly/AFP/Getty)

More than 20,000 people in Abbasiya locality in South Kordofan are facing severe water and food shortages. Some of them moved to other parts of the state.

A native administration leader reported to Radio Dabanga that the villages of Kalanda, Jogaya, Julya, and Tarfat, hosting more than 20,000 people are suffering from a severe drinking water shortage as a result of the depletion of the wells in the area.

He explained that the area south-west of Abbasiya town is also suffering from a lack of food which prompted a number of families to flee to the villages of El Sanadra, Tofin, Jibeilat, Ketira and Abu Kershola.

The community leader appealed to humanitarian organisations to intervene as soon as possible and provide drinking water and humanitarian aid.

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