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‘Over 2,600 cases of watery diarrhoea in Sudan’: Health Ministry

September 25 - 2016 KHARTOUM
(file photo)
(file photo)

According to the Sudanese Ministry of Health, 55 people have died of watery diarrhoea in the country. More than 2,600 are affected.

Blue Nile state is the most affected state, Under Secretary of the Health Ministry, Esam Abdallah, told the press in Khartoum on Friday morning. He added that about 1,000 tons of waste has been removed from the affected areas.

The Health Ministry strongly denied rumours that Khartoum state recorded a number of cholera cases, but said that a number of people acute watery diarrhoea were admitted to El Basha’ir Hospital in the Sudanese capital.

Mohamed Abdelgader, the Health Minister of Sennar in eastern Sudan reported the death of 15 people owing to watery diarrhoea. More than 880 are affected in five localities in the state. He said that the state is facing some serious challenges in containing the crisis. On one hand, Sennar is short of medicines and medical staff, on the other hand “the state has to set up environmental sanitation campaigns as soon as possible”.

The Minister also mentioned that about 30 people fell ill with jaundice in Sennar. Two of them died.

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