Ongoing Jebel Marra bombing kills 11, injures five Darfuris

Eleven people were killed and five others wounded in aerial bombardments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The bombing continued today. On Saturday, a girl was raped in the area of Nierteti. Sudanese demonstrated in Brussels and London.

Eleven people were killed and five others wounded in aerial bombardments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The bombing continued today. A girl was raped in the area of Nierteti on Saturday. Sudanese staged demonstrations in Brussels and London on Saturday, in protest against the violence used against civilians in the Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile states, and the lack of access to the new displaced.

“The people were sleeping already at 11 pm on Friday when an Antonov of the Sudanese Air Force dropped its barrel bombs at Buri, south of Guldo” a villager told Radio Dabanga.

“The bombs destroyed six houses, a school, and a mosque,” he reported. “Ibrahim Adam Abakar, the director of the Umma School and his three sons died when one of the bombs hit his house and turned it into a pile of rubble.

“The house of Saleh Abakar was hit too. Saleh was killed, and his mother was injured. The three small sons of Younes Adam Abdelaziz were killed when a bomb hit their family home. Abdelaziz Adam Omar and his daughter Hawa (15) were wounded when a bomb fell on their courtyard.”

The villager said that 13 donkeys and 36 sheep were also killed.

In the area east of Guldo, Maryam Ibrahim and her two-year-old son Adam were killed in an air raid on the village of Jertingna, about 3 kilometres east of Guldo on Saturday. A 70-year-old woman lost an arm.


“About 36 barrel bombs dropped on three valleys in the vicinity of Golo on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, destroyed a number of lemon, orange, and guava orchards,” multiple witnesses reported.

They doubted whether there were casualties, as all the residents of villages around Golo “already fled to the foothills and mountain caves already”.

The sources told Radio Dabanga that the Sudanese Air Force did not stop one day or night since the beginning of the offensive on 15 January. They heard the sound of aerial bombardments today from the direction of Katronek in the western part of Jebel Marra, and from the area of Fena in the southern part of Jebel Marra.

They added that the humanitarian situation of tens of thousands of displaced hiding in the mountain is deteriorating.


A community leader reported to Radio Dabanga from Tur that Nourelsham Mohamed and Zahra Adam were hit by a bomb as they collected firewood in the area two kilometres north of Tur on Friday.

“Mohamed was killed instantly, while Adam sustained serious injuries,” he said.

He added that on Saturday, a group of militiamen raped a girl who was on her way from Kunde village to Nierteti.

Brussels, London

On Saturday, Sudanese living in Europe staged demonstrations in Brussels and in London against “the genocide taking place in Darfur, South Kordofan, and the Blue Nile”.

They demanded the “immediate arrest” of those indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), headed by President Omar Al Bashir, and called for the ending of the wars and the provision of humanitarian aid to the displaced.

The demonstrators called on the European Union, the British government, and the international community “to take urgent action to save the lives of thousands of people in the war-torn Sudanese regions”, and pressure Khartoum to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid.