Ongoing war in Sudan leaves swathe of suffering

A building damaged by gunfire in South Darfur capital Nyala in May (social media)


The Sudanese capital Khartoum and its surrounding areas are still engulfed in deadly fighting as the USA/Saudi-brokered Jeddah ceasefire has effectively collapsed. Recent reports indicate a rising death toll from shelling in the Mayo area. A village in West Kordofan has suffered a fatal ambush, adding to the growing list of casualties. El Gezira and White Nile state grapple with a significant displacement crisis, with thousands seeking refuge from the war.

On Wednesday, the civilian death toll from shelling in the densely populated Mayo district in southern Khartoum reached 17, with 106 wounded, according to the Sudanese Doctors Union.

Mayo, predominantly inhabited by people who have not been able to afford to leave Khartoum since the conflict erupted, is not known to be located near any military targets in the capital. Reports say that 90 per cent of the capital is currently under the control of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), however this is difficult to verify in a constantly changing situation.

In response to the casualties in Mayo, the RSF issued a statement condemning “the indiscriminate artillery shelling and aerial bombardment by the army”. The army has not yet provided any comments on the incident.

Thursday morning saw heavy fighting and shelling in El Ghaba Street and the industrial zone of Khartoum, while residents in parts of Omdurman reported “the sound of ongoing explosions throughout the night”, accompanied by widespread power cuts affecting large areas of the city.

Journalist and political analyst Ashraf Abdelaziz substantiated these reports, confirming sporadic clashes in various areas of Omdurman, southern Khartoum, Ombada, and Hamad El Nil on Thursday.

He provided Radio Dabanga with details on clashes in Jebel Aulia, located approximately 40km south of Khartoum, and the army’s encirclement of the RSF camp in Taiba El Hasnab. While there were unconfirmed rumours circulating on Wednesday suggesting that the army had tightened its grip on the camp, “it seems that the RSF have not yet surrendered, despite enduring substantial damage inflicted by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF)”.

West Kordofan violence

On Friday, violence erupted in Arshiji village in Lagawa locality, West Kordofan. Sources told Radio Dabanga that an armed group ambushed locals traveling by tuk-tuk on their way to the Lagawa market. The assailants opened fire, killing Abdelrahman Daluka, Sharafeldin Noureldin, and child Abdelbagi El Fil. Several others were injured, while some remain missing.

Displaced in Wad Madani and Kosti

Unofficial statistics indicate that approximately 20,000 displaced people from Khartoum have sought refuge in El Gezira because of the ongoing conflict in the capital. Haisam Abdelrahim, the director of Wad Azrag shelter in the state capital Wad Madani, told Radio Dabanga that the centre is currently providing refuge to 174 people, including 42 children.

On Thursday, the White Nile state Emergency Room announced the establishment of a new shelter in Kosti to accommodate the growing number of displaced people due to the ongoing conflict. This new shelter brings the total number of centres in the state to 16, spread across five cities.

Emad Salem, a member of the Kosti Emergency Room coordination, informed Radio Dabanga that the existing centres have reached full capacity, and added that there is an urgent need for additional accommodations to assist displaced families.